ASTRA Awards

Taking the awards to the next level


We were approached by Foxtel and ASTRA to create an award show that was cutting edge, innovative and was outside the realm of the normal Award show format.

Foxtel and ASTRA required us to bring together an experienced awards show team to ensure the show was slick, well managed and that the Foxtel talent was taken care of. 

We also had to make sure that the experience for both the in-room guests and those watching at home had to be parallel.


Working alongside Foxtel’s Executive Producers, we created a bespoke set design that challenged the usual Award’s look. Using a combination of moving cubes, projection, LED technology and subscription television talent we brought the stage at the Star’s Event Centre alive. 

We brought in our award team experts from our Collective of Creators to ensure that the show ran smoothly and efficiently.

The show was fast-paced with numerous twists and turns providing that in-room experience was a high quality, and the content was of broadcast quality. 


Hosted by the anchor E! News Giuliana Ranic and combination of Foxtel / Subscription Television talent, the show was slick, sophisticated and humorous.  Combine this with our broadcast award show knowledge and expertise; we were able to create an innovative, dynamic and different award show format that gave the ASTRA’s Awards a fresh look and feel.