Australian Museum Eureka Prizes

Australia's science's night of nights


The Australian Museum have called on us to produce science’s night of nights, the Australian Museum Eureka Science Prizes, for over 18 years. Given that 35 million people annualy read about, watch or listen to the news of the prize winners, we’re confident that title can be claimed.

A show that rewards excellence in the fields of research & innovation, leadership, science communication and school science each year is a great creation to deliver. 


The challenge in producing a project about science is to ensure that the delivery is accessible to all nine hundred guests, while also conveying the importance and gravity of these scientific and journalistic feats.

Each year we come up with a new creation from a huge vertical truss structure installation taking over ten hours to build; to finger print motifs through-out the space highlighting the notion of leaving your mark via science around the world and cutting edge projection and lighting. Our digital team created stunning visuals to enhance the entries and when combined with the set ensure the black tie guests feels right at home with the sophisticated delivery.


With winners ranging from a highly commended five-year-old school student, to scientists identifying how chickens chat, the Eureka Science Prize proves a dazzling and diverse night.

In fact, the Sun Herald’s Amy Cooper named the awards “Party of the Week” - proving that no matter what the industry, our team can help make any event standout.