adidas Street Party

Foot Locker team week


The brief was to create an opening night party and showcase the 2016 adidas range.

We wanted to disrupt the standard team week concept, taking the Foot Locker staff outside of the usual event hotel environment, connecting them to the adidas brand message through engaging, tactile product experiences.


Taking on the challenge of disrupting the age old team week concept, we transported all guests offsite to an iconic Gold Coast venue, Miami Marketta. Food was turned on its head from the usual sit down meal, to a section of street food stalls, accompanied by a bar offering from a range of local only suppliers.

Entertainment and activities took place throughout the night, culminating in the opening of a secret (no cameras) VIP space where the range could been seen for the first time.

The interactive touch points, engaging experiences and opportunity for the guests to break away for the norm, made this the most talked about brand night during the Foot Locker Team Week.


Disruption is the name of the game. The event took a head on approach to finding new ways of creating adidas brand advocates of the Foot Locker crew. Pushing the boundaries and exceeding expectations, the bar has been officially set for future team weeks.