Global Day Out of the Office

Creating the ultimate Out Of Office experience


Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Singapore invited us to produce their ‘Global Out Of Office Day’, an

international celebration of their lobby-based communication lounges.

The desired outcome was to reach as many consumers as possible and increase awareness of this unique offering. 


For this celebration, we partnered with a consumer PR company, Res Publica, to create an outdoor based activity in the heart of Sydney CBD.

Taking inspiration from the service itself, we created a real life ‘Out Of Office’ experience where consumers were invited to spend a part of their day enjoying the sun, atmosphere and entertainment.

We selected Customs House as a location because of the volume of all-day foot traffic. There are challenges with such a site however, being a public outdoor space which is never closed.

However, we managed these challenges and installed a fully functioning, open-air marquee with 64 computer terminals. These were displayed on custom made furniture, which mirrored the internationally designed style of Sheraton Hotels.

General public were able to use a computer and explore a different Sheraton hotel location, which also facilitated their entry into a competition to win an overseas trip. 


Our vision was realised when over 7000 people visited the event site and 35,000 competition entries were submitted.

The event also generated press in the Australian Financial Review and BRW. Sheraton declared that the Sydney launch was the highlight of the entire international day.