SBS Launch

Creating buzz and excitement amongst the industry


SBS has a constant need for production launches, in order to create buzz and excitement amongst the industry and enable the SBS executives to network with media buyers, partners and most importantly, sponsors. For many years we have been their event producers of choice for such important launches. 


As a rule, we first seek a great deal of information about the specific production, in order to be creatively inspired by the content itself.

For Top Gear, we created an event in a vintage car showroom near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As a brand new event space, we also undertook a makeover of the space that included hanging an enormous screen showcasing the season. This project alone set SBS apart from other channels and highlighted what was to become the star of their season.

The World Cup Soccer coverage saw us produce an event starring a South African choir, traditional dancers and soccer tricksters. This was a dynamic and highly theatrical launch that brought the passion and excitement of the game into the launch room, delighting guests and riling everyone up with some early World Cup fever. 


The very product they were launching - the programs, has creatively led all of the SBS launches we have produced. We were able to add a distinctive SBS tone to them by working closely alongside programming and producing teams, so every event fell comfortably under the SBS ethos and values.