Two Words For Tomomorrow

What would your two words be?


The campaign was to herald the arrival of GE to Australia and begin a conversation about how GE, who exist in many different areas, would help solved some of the world’s toughest problems.

This will allow GE to use the findings to shape its long-term business plans, innovation agenda and partnerships in Australia.


‘Two Words For Tomorrow’, a multi-faced socially interactive campaign, was developed for GE. The initial touch point for the project was a slick website built by Future Buro to invite Australians to share their two words. Other contact points for word collection were an interactive Facebook app and interactive polling installations touring major capital cities.

With The One Centre, part of The Collective of Creators, Fourth Wall were responsible for the design, experience, production, logistics, site management and technology of the polling stations. Consisting of two large weatherproof high resolution LED screens and eight iPad touchscreen kiosks, the public were invited to add their ‘Two Words for Tomorrow' to the campaign.

In real time, their input was assessed and added to a live visualistion (by The Field).


We are proud to be involved in creating this very slick, high-tech and engaging outdoor campaign with its heart in the right place.

Over 16,800 responses were collected from across the country.

The top themes from across the nation were:

1. Government Leadership (21%)
2. Clean Environment (12%)
3. Strong Economy (8%)
4. Australian Lifestyle (4%)
5. Taxation Policy (4%)
6. Cultural Harmony (4%)
7. Quality Healthcare (4%)
8. Immigration Policy (3%)
9. Quality Education (3%)
10. Population Growth (2%)