Westfield Gok Tour

Offerings from the international style icon Gok Wan.


Building on the successful annual Autumn / Winter Style Tours Westfield wanted to develop the reach and impact of the upcoming Spring / Summer Style Tour, both led by the international fashion style guru - Gok Wan.

These in centre experiences are designed to showcase the latest trends and offerings through-out Westfield nationally.



Westfield partnered with the team to evolve the Westfield Style Tour with celebrity stylist Gok Wan, by integrating social media into the events. We were delighted to work with the team to custom design a show that brought Gok’s playfulness and creativity together with the wider digital audience and to increase participation.

We created a Twitter site and invited shoppers to personally ask Gok questions. These questions were moderated, posted, and then integrated through a ‘live feed’ during the stage shows. Playback devices were also incorporated to display the amount of Facebook check-ins. One event was live streamed, which had an international community following the Australian ‘in centre’ show.

All the content, makeover reveals and reactions were shown on a LED screen and toured to ten Westfield centres nationally in under fourteen days by the team. This included a custom made white catwalk stage with built in lights and a fashion team ready for any transformation Gok challenged them with.



Thousands of people turned up to experience Gok live on stage and see the new fashions. The use of twitter resulted in an increased awareness internationally of the tour with the promotion of Facebook check-ins also resulting in an increase in social media awareness.

Gok delighted the audiences and they gained a great insight into clever fashion techniques and trends for the season ahead.