Ask, Listen, Encourage and Follow-up


R U Ok? wants to inspire all people to ask "are you ok?" but how do you get that message to an entire country? RUOK and the team focused on getting that simple message to communities all across our great nation.

With the R U Ok? charity growing in strength year on year it was time to think big and engage in a full social media campaign.


With the R U OK? Internal PR machine, a Yellow 80's bus and the team of positive minded individuals we took the campaign on the road. Our goal was to start as many conversations as possible.

Starting in Darwin and heading down the east coast of Australia the team from R U Ok? stopped in both remote country towns such as Katherine to the major cities like Brisbane and Melbourne. Each town and city had its story to tell, but a common theme was emerging people wanted to have that initial conversation they wanted to not only engage with us but wanted to embrace the R U OK? message with their local community.


With over 2000 conversations had across the campaign the R U OK? team headed into the city of Sydney for the annual R U Ok? day. Led by Harley Davidsons the bus crossed the Harbour Bridge and was welcomed back by politicians, sporting identities, local media and community leaders eager to hear the stories first hand. The entire tour for those that witnessed the local community events first hand to those that were engaged in the social media campaign was a huge success for the R U OK charity and the Australian public.

The R U Ok? campaign was so successful that we did not hesitate to continue the conversation the following year.  This time, we wanted to say thank you. Thank you to the people that have made a difference in our lives when we are at our lowest. This time, the bus and the team down the West Coast of Australia ensuring the message is reinforced across the nation.