Sony Foundation River4Ward

Ground breaking and award winning charity event


Sony Foundation wanted to take the success of Wharf4Ward in Sydney and replicate it in Melbourne.

While the event overview is the same we all know the state’s expectations and how they like their creations to come to life are very different.


As Sydney harbour defines the state, the Yarra is a fantastic opportunity to use to showcase Melbourne.

A barge is brought long the Yarra to outside the Crown Complex where River4Ward lays its’ scene. Over a week the team build a multi layered event that brings together a raised dining platform, raised stage platform and marquees to keep everyone dry.

The challenges include the strict council requirements, the change in tide of over a metre during the event (with an audience that doesn’t change) and ensuring the sound is perfect – especially important for Sony.

From John Farnham to Jess Mauboy to Cyrus backed by a choir, all floating on water, the lunch comes alive and demands attention from everyone in the vicinity.


Raising over $300,000 from 400 guests is a terrific outcome, and it shows that supporting the right cause works as the weather has been fantastic each year.

Each year the team go further and further and with the industry awarding Sony the best charity event in the first year we are motivated to top it each year.