The Great Tribal Chase

A fun, adventurous day out


Nationally renowned children’s charity, Good Beginnings Australia came to us with an aspiration to spread their message to the wider community through the creation of an inaugural event, The Great Tribal Chase.

The event was to encourage families, friends and colleagues to take part as teams in fundraising, some friendly competition and to enjoy a fun, adventurous day out.  


We are thrilled to work closely with Good Beginnings Australia and its collection of community partners and sponsors to create The Great Tribal Chase.

The Chase itself kicked off in Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour and spanned across thirty Checkpoint locations within the Sydney CBD and the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, manned by an impressive gathering of over 100 volunteers.

Armed with a map, clue sheet and mobile phone, the Chase participants were challenged to reach as many Checkpoints within the allocated timeframe. The integration of specialised SMS technology ensured participants could answer the Checkpoint challenges via their mobile phones – a process which proved vital to the smooth execution of the event. At the conclusion of the Chase, participants and guests were treated to a fun filled program of prize giving, activities and live entertainment in Tumbalong Park.


Good Beginnings Australia successful reached their fundraising targets through attendance of race participants and volunteers that exceeded expectations.

We are delighted to support a worthy cause and on our marks to begin the next Chase!