Australian Tourism Exchange

A visual trip around Australia over the course of the four luncheons


Tourism Australia appointed us for the delivery of four individually sponsored luncheons at the Australian Tourism Exchange. The aim was to showcase the sponsors of each of the luncheons in a unique and meaningful way – and to work hand in hand with the sponsors as a representative of Tourism Australia.

Each sponsor’s strategic messaging varied and as such, the delivery of each luncheon was a tailored experience for the guests.


Beyond the production infrastructure of the luncheon that catered to over 2,000 delegates in a 50 minute timeframe across four days, we partnered with the sponsors to create an engaging staged experience each day. 

Guests were treated to a musical number by the Justice Crew, a cutting edge fashion show, an aerial spectacular and a visual trip around Australia over the course of the four luncheons.


The guests, primarily hailing from overseas, were mesmerised by the showcase of talent and by the beauty of Australia as a whole.  Each of the sponsors were extremely pleased by the impact and response that the guests displayed and attributed that success to the flawless execution of the luncheon production.