Carols in the Domain

An old favourite with added sparkle


Carols in the Domain is held in the hearts and minds of eighty thousand live viewers and one million TV viewers as a part of their annual family Christmas celebrations. We are proud to be retained by Active TV to production manage and technically direct these concerts.

Active TV know the importance of this concert to its viewers, so it is vital that every year we go above and beyond, delivering the festive feel in new ways as well as retaining the ‘old favourite’ elements which viewers have come to love. 


Working on this event over many years, we have an instinctive feel for what will and won’t work in the outdoor nature of the location. We also have experience with the enormous audience and huge cast which features in the event each year.

We take the cast of hundreds of children, numerous choirs, a full orchestra, and a handful of stellar soloists and celebrities and reimagine this event year on year. We do this by letting the talent shine, adding any new tricks we have available to us and above all, ensuring the iconic set retains its sparkle and luster.

We continue to work closely alongside Active TV, despite our knowledge of the project. Together we share inspiration, develop the concept and deliver the result - and it’s always a rewarding process. 


This annual project continues to bring the spirit of Christmas to life for families all over the country. We’re proud to, together with Active TV, inspire Aussies with one of the highlights of the festival season.