Apotek - Blowing in The Wind

Effective advertising doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple, innovative and effective way to gain attention from not only media but your consumer market was demonstrated in a launch of a new product by Swedish brand Apotek.

To introduce a new line of hair products, Apotek created this brilliant billboard that catches subway commuter’s attention.

The billboard displays a woman having her hair blown when a train passes by. The beautiful image and playful smile of the woman is perfect as the virtual wind passes her. The interactive billboard is a great use of new technology in advertising.

Apotek used ultra sonic sensors for the billboard to detect incoming train. These senses are used to help us recognize our environment without physical contact over widely varying distances. The ultra sonic sensors use sound to accurately detect objects and measure distances regardless of the objects appearance.  

In the first week the ad was launch it received over 2 million plays on Vimeo and over 2.5 million loads with the feedback from most consumers saying ‘Smart, very innovative, but most importantly simple to execute and very effective on the consumer market’. Click the link to check out the video