Apple iBeacon

Did you have an event, exhibition or product that you really wanted to bring to life? Well app Apple iBeacon is the way to go. Apple’s new iBeacon technology provides a whole different way of creating native location based interactions with iOS devices, and the example from Rubens House Art Gallery gives a taste of what is to come.

iBeacon has created location based beacons that interact directly with a rich iPad app allowing visitors to discover a new level of detail via a tablet with a piece of art or location. A Beacon is a physical object that is hung in a room; it is wireless and battery-powered and uses the most recent Bluetooth technology.

The technology is simple and sends a push message to iPhone or iPad for people passing by. It creates a very cool experience for a viewer being able to see the product in front of you and watch the history and how the product was brought to life.

Over 400 responses on the Digital Buzz blog with the feedback encouraging the view that this technology ‘creates amazing experiences’, ‘makes learning so much more fun’, and ‘an integrated system that allows you to interact with content’, this is a great way to deliver a more immersive experience for your guests at your next event.