Ideas flying in from Paris, Sydney and Lyon

Bask In Your Own Artwork

We saw these funky market umbrellas, by designer Jonathan Zawada for Basil Bangs, and thought what a fantastic look to bring to an experience.

This could be an evolution to the ‘Painting by Numbers’ interactive element, where guests paint a canvas by numbers relating to colour …unaware of their end result until towards the end.  In this case they would be given their own canvas to painting, and later that day guests could sit under them and marvel at their own artwork.

Escalator Walk

Are the days of a catwalk gone?  Perhaps. Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2013 collection showing was centered on numerous escalators in Paris to an innovative outcome.

Escalators and the use of functional elements within a building should not be overlooked and as seen here can add a new level to an experience – literally. 

From a dramatic entrance into an event, a speaking position to a band spread out along the escalators…fun awaits.

Inflate Your Colour

The use of colour is always a balance; here Philippe Starck has got it just right with playful touches with the interior design of the restaurant in the hotel - Mama Shelter, Lyon.

Fun and interactive elements on mass is a bit like a poker player going ‘all in’.  The approach gets a reaction, and when creating a destination that is exactly what we want.

What has worked perfectly here is the paring of the very playful pieces with mood lighting and contemporary design.  We take this into our own ethos…have fun but couch it with a tone that suits the audience.