Interactive Print Ad

This full page spread inside 150,000 copies of  the January 2014 WIRED Magazine (Chicago and NYC) allows readers to change the colour of the advertisted Moto X phone by pressing buttons on the page. An impressive and simple way to convey a major feature of the phone in a print ad. A video created by Digitas shows how paper-thin components including LEDs and a battery are inserted betweeren the pages to achieve this interactive effect.  The unique print advert has generated an online buzz, with the video receiving close to one million views on YouTube to date.

Earlier this year, skincare brand Nivea launched a magazine campaign which provided readers with a solar-powered phone charger, while tea brand 'PositiviTea' unveiled cross media platform paper cups with designs printed in conductive ink which could, when touched, activate positive content on an iPhone or iPad in the vicinity.

Noted as the first interactive print of its kind, it is the latest interactive initiative from brands seeking to revive the print media as an innovative advertising platform.  

Check it out here