It's a Wrap!

It all started in an office battle; creating a cling wrap wall, ultimately trapping a fellow's car from leaving the office.

The creation – a time and cost effective,  innovative installation. We, being a group of crazy thinkers, jumped at the opportunity to cling wrap on a large scale, and The Foundation of Young Australians allowed us to do exactly that.

Held at Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay -  A wonderfully large historical building was the ideal playground – open spaces with wide columns scattered throughout. Required to find a solution to build smaller spaces and rooms for creative workshops for inspiring young adults; keeping orientation and acoustics in mind, this commonly known kitchen product produced an interesting yet functional design and application. With its magnificent ability to hold light, and its super quick removal, this is definitely a diverse product that can be used in a number of spaces in a number of ways.

Wrap your mind around that.