It’s Creative, But Not As We Know It

Sometimes finding a new creative take on an element is like finding a new life form.  We know that it is creative, but we don’t always know how to deal with it or how to use it.

Smart entrepreneurs see a vision that others don’t, and then maximise this to a great outcome.  In the same way ‘creatives’ see what others don’t and then hand it to us to use.

The idea of an iPad under a magazine seems to bring together two elements that don’t normally interact, and in fact the first being designed to almost eradicate the second.  Yet, maybe this is the start of a new phase that brings magazines to life again…imagine your phone being used instead of the iPad, imagine finding out the winner of an award show by holding your phone against the program, imagine gaining an insight into a holiday destination by combining your iPad and mag together.

Creation comes from a number of steps, a number of evolutions if you will.  Lexus ES Interactive advertisement is just one of the steps…watch this space, with your tablet at hand.