What's in the BOX?!

A truly remarkable synthesis of digital space made through projection mapping on robotic moving surfaces and shot with a stunningly fluid method. BOX is a formidable example of what is possible when you mix design, storytelling, technology and the right collective of creators.

The intelligent people at Bot & Dolly chose five principles of magic to take viewers on a journey that is perfectly amazing. The creators of this project used thematic design founded on optical graphics. Beautifull choreography of two giant IRIS robots saw two canvases pirouette around a space to create an impeccably seamless live and cinematic experience. In a day where computer graphics is so dominant, it was refreshing to see artistry such as this.

The combination of simple graphics with complex physical elements…simply magic.

Here is a comment from the late Arthur C. Clarke that intrinsically describes BOX

 “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

Check it out here