ARA Leaders Forum

The Challenge

With Microsoft as the major sponsor,  the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) came to Fourth Wall to create a dynamic platform for a remote audience of retailers across Australia to have important conversations, explore global trends and share consumer insights.

The Creation

Over four weeks, Fourth Wall worked closely with the ARA team to develop an EventCast show with several immersive layers throughout the day including an exhibition gallery where each event sponsor had the ability to host an online booth.

To house a comprehensive ticketing structure that included a vast selection of ticket types and discount arrangements, Fourth Wall also built an interactive microsite that allowed for a seamless guest experience. 

The C-suite audience also had the opportunity to participate in curated online networking with each other as well as being able to book appointments with Microsoft Executives.

The show itself was designed across two studios and incorporated multiple panel discussions, Q&A sessions and highly interactive segments.


The Outcome

This inaugural event brought together retailer executives from across the globe in a first-to-market showcase that has successfully established the ARA as a respected thought leader within the retail industry.