Google End of Year Celebration

The Challenge

After a year of being apart, Google came to Fourth Wall to unite their 1500 strong team through an End Of Year Celebration powered by EventCast.

This was to be an experience like no other, curated to give each individual a 'choose your own adventure' immersion -  and all delivered within a three-week turnaround!


The Creation

The excitement began with a bespoke experience kit that Googlers received on their doorstep the day before, ready for an action packed afternoon.

For the celebration itself hosted by Sophie Monk, and with a focus on showcasing internal talent and the wonderful diversity of the Google business, we created five customised rooms, each with its own unique, interactive experience.

In the ‘Gamers Lounge’ Googlers had the opportunity to join an interactive live game with Australia's top female gamer.

Googlers tapped into their ‘Inner Artist’ painting from home with top Aussie boxer Paul Fleming who is also well-known for his inidigenous artwork. 

The ‘Centre Stage’ room had Googlers curating a lively theatrical performance via a live poll, while in the ‘Googlers Unite’ room they jammed out in their living rooms to one of Sydney's top local bands, while playing music trivia.

The celebration closed with a high-energy performance from Sneaky Sound System.


The Outcome

The End of Year Celebration exceeded all expectations, bringing Googlers from across Australia and New Zealand together to interact and celebrate, each with a unique experience.