IdeaStormâ„¢ - Digitile Masterclass

The Challenge

Through IdeaStorm™, Fourth Wall’s trademarked approach to creatively redefining what clients can achieve through forward-thinking, innovative strategies and thought leadership, our insights told us that clients were facing challenges in creating impactful digital strategies. 

In late 2019, we developed Ideastorm: Digitile - a masterclass specifically for those clients to master human interaction across the new digital frontier. When COVID-19 hit and sent the entire industry into a tailspin, it became clear that we had been ahead of the curve. We leveraged this momentum to create EventCast™, and pivoted our interactive masterclass addressing the digital future as the launch event, all while the pandemic was unfolding.

The Creation

Ideastorm: Digitile was developed in three weeks in partnership with Deloitte Digital. Deloitte’s Director Bryan Hoedemaeckers presented alongside Fourth Wall’s Creator Jeremy Garling. This immersive and interactive 90-minute online masterclass was delivered through EventCast™ and:

  • Began with a tactile experience delivered to clients’ homes with instructions on when to unpack during EventCast™
  • Redefined their digital approach by informing them about Invisible Digital
  • Delved into the psychology of digitile (human tactile interaction)
  • Provided insights into Experimental Futures and how it will evolve digitile strategies 
  • Ensured a digital mindset was at the forefront of each organisation and brief

A nimble two-week marketing campaign resulted in participation by 150 decision makers attending from Australia, the US and UK and New Zealand. Each guest received an Experience Kit, which was sealed in COVID-safe packaging and included breakfast to enjoy during the pre-show DJ opening, activities to enhance the session and other goodies to unpack during the show.

The live show was produced from EventCast™ studios across Sydney. The Artarmon studio had five different set-ups, while one of the two custom-made studios in Auburn used GostMesh (an innovative projection technology). 

This 55-minute masterclass delivered a forecast of the digital future and explored how it will merge with human tactile experiences. All the while, live questions and real-time reactions to comments were being submitted from guests via the App. 

Throughout the session, guests were instructed to unpack their Experience Kits (where all foods contained were locally sourced from fire-ravaged regions), for challenges like making a paper aeroplane as a tribute to the tourism industry; locating an invisible digital device; and meditating over a smoothie.

The Outcome

In five weeks Fourth Wall’s team of 30, created an original, world-leading strategy and platform from scratch, and developed a highly creative, complex and sophisticated - yet simple to experience - masterclass addressing the digital future as the launch event - and all while COVID-19 was unfolding. These history-making events were broadcast experiences that were enjoyed across the globe by a plethora of people who really, really needed it.

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