OB Live for Optus

The Challenge

COVID-19 hit right at the start of Optus' new financial year, which starts on 1 April. It's a pivotal time for the organisation as this is when they implement a new strategy for the year. Traditionally they bring their people together from across the country for a full-day in-person conference and awards ceremony in Sydney, called Kick-Off, which has been delivered by Fourth Wall in recent years. In these tumultuous times, it was more important than ever for Optus to connect their people. Optus turned to Fourth Wall to deliver their signature event once more, this time via the EventCast™ platform. 

The Creation

The experience started with a bang; every guest receiving a custom branded tactile experience kit delivered to their doorstep before the event. The kit contained drinks, snacks, branded merch, and interactive activities to be unpacked at cued times throughout the show. 

A branded App launched pre-event meant that a sense of community flourished amongst Optus employees. They shared photos of their homes and families and commented about how excited they were for the upcoming session. Gamification meant that the sales teams were immediately competitive about achieving top scores in the App’s leaderboard, which tallied points for their every interaction. 

Fourth Wall worked with the Optus marketing and leadership teams to craft a show that would be fast-paced, engaging, entertaining and deliver critical strategic messaging.

Highlights included a virtual game of bingo where guests had to spot key moments throughout the show and a keynote from F1 superstar Mark Webber streaming live from his home in Monaco.

Several prestigious sales awards were handed out during the live broadcast; an on-location broadcast camera crew surprising six winners from across Australia at their homes.

The Outcome

The show hosted by Susie Youssef was Optus' highest-rated Kick-Off event. Survey comments from guests highlighted positivity, high motivation and engaging content that re-energised for the year ahead and created more connection to their leaders and colleagues than ever. 

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