EventCast™ powered by Fourth Wall is an award-winning, immersive and interactive event delivered directly to your online audience. 

Disruption calls under many names and impacts many businesses, and it is changing the live creative industry. This time under the name of ‘coronavirus’ and ironically, for an industry that likes to celebrate, we will not; but we must embrace it.

These assumptions are being disrupted:

  • People gathering together is a fundamental element of the live creative space.
  • If we cannot gather together, should there be no event?
  • Streaming is the streamlined solution when we don't bring people together.

Live events, experiences and gatherings must, and should, continue as an essential ingredient for any progressive and forward-thinking business that wants to keep momentum, build a sales pipeline and be ahead of the game; but they must do so in a safe environment. 

Moving away from events and shifting the investment into other areas of the marketing mix will significantly reduce stakeholder engagement, brand community and won’t shift behaviours. 

Fourth Wall is ready for this change, acknowledging the circumstances surrounding it are troubling. Travel restrictions, environmental influences and, as we are seeing, health impacts are circling us more, and more often create significant barriers to business.

Our ethos says Fourth Wall is where everything is possible, where barriers don’t exist and where no one has dared to go. Fourth Wall has evolved to take our clients there. Evolution never stops.

Silent disco technology enables people to be in their own headspace and together simultaneously; mixed reality enables people to enter your world when they normally cannot; EventCast™ enables this and much more with people experiencing a show together, feeling connected while being apart. 

Do you want an innovative combination of a real-world tactile experience, digital interaction and immersive content that mixes ground-breaking technology with human insights? 

It exists. Join us. eventcast@fourthwall.com.au