House of Sun for Sunglass Hut

The Challenge

Sunglass Hut wanted to drive sales to their website and stores by bringing to life the emotion and playfulness of their House of Sun global campaign. While the brand essentially sells sunglasses, they position themselves as a lifestyle brand, and so the activation had to convey the essence of House of Sun while promoting sunglasses without actually displaying them – a challenge indeed!

The Creation

Their target demographic is very much part of an ‘influencer's life’, where everything needs to be shared and photographed. With this at the front of our minds the House of Sun experience was created, and promptly approved by head office in Milan.

Curved gold mirrors, LED lighting and LED vision with key signage were the fundamental elements that, when designed, delivered stunning results. The vision showed the campaign’sTVC, which was then blended with images of the sun and its natural, ever-changing colour palette. These images were then perfectly synced with the LED lighting, which further emphasised the sun's colour.

This sophisticated activation delivered a unique experience in high traffic areas. It successfully caught the attention of consumers, enabling them to engage with the brand messages, which they certainly did.

The Outcome

From fashion bloggers, to grandparents to stylists, people from all walks of life came to have their moment in the sun! 

Photos, videos and social shares quickly trended as the general public embraced the activation and enjoyed feeling like they were donning their sunglasses on a European catwalk.

The great news for Aussies is that the House of Sun activation was so successful, it's set for a national tour.

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