Mardi Gras

The Challenge

New Mardi Gras had a vision for Fair Day, which is the largest of their outdoor projects. They wanted to deliver a premium experience that was professionally managed and delivered value well beyond the ticket price.

Fourth Wall was thrilled to accept this opportunity.

The Creation

Over a fun-filled ten hours, guests at Fair Day enjoyed an incredible party, dancing to acts from across the country, dining on international culinary delights, and celebrating everything that New Mardi Gras stands for - and all in a safe, well-managed outdoor environment.

The extreme diversity among the audience and the fact the location was in a public, outdoor space posed a few logistical challenges for Fourth Wall. But, as always, our innovation and expertise prevailed.

We created numerous stages to appeal to different audience segments, and we provided different forms of roving entertainment to integrate a sense of fun into the crowd.

 We ensured easy flow between major areas, installed colourful signage and decor, and created relaxation areas for those who needed some time out from all the action.

We worked closely with New Mardi Gras to ensure the translation of their vision remained accurate, and we also worked closely with police, security and infrastructure contractors like power, water, technical systems and waste. We did this using detailed CAD and operational planning systems, so that when it came to show time, nothing was left to chance, and the event was installed, run and removed seamlessly.

The Outcome

Fourth Wall successfully transformed New Mardi Gras’ vision into reality, and the result has since cemented Fair Day’s position as a must-do event in Sydney’s social calendar.

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